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FastPMS is an essential hotel management program designed to meet high quality and service standards. Using FastPMS makes your tasks easier, thanks to the latest technologies and configurations that this program for hotel offers.

Why FastPMS?


With FastPMS, you will have the opportunity to manage all your rooms in an organized and efficient manner. Plan availability, introduce prices and special offers, and reserve rooms with a click.


Synchronization with external platforms: You no longer need to spend hours updating the availability of rooms on multiple platforms. FastPMS syncs automatically with popular booking platforms, such as Booking, Airbnb and others, ensuring you are always up to date.


FastPMS is built to fit your hotel’s specific needs. Its use is simple and easy, and we provide a customized installation for your facility, including the quality and options your hotel needs.

Main features

What is Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is an advanced hotel management and booking technology, which serves to coordinate and synchronize room availability across all online booking platforms, such as Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, etc. This technology allows hoteliers and owners of accommodation facilities to manage and monitor their reservations on a single sustainable platform.

Channel Manager helps ensure that room availability is reflected in real time across all booking platforms. This fast, automated synchronization prevents booking conflicts and protects hoteliers from overbooking (excessive bookings).

Using Channel Manager allows hoteliers to change prices and offer special offers on all e-booking channels with one simple move. This helps manage pricing strategies and increase sales through promotions.

Instead of updating availability and making changes to prices and offers for each e-booking platform, Channel Manager automates these processes, reducing manual work and the time needed for updates.

With the help of Channel Manager, booking data, customer information and hotel performance analysis are accessible in a single center. This allows hoteliers to have a full and clear view of their business performance.

Channel Manager can provide extensive integration support with other hotel management software, such as PMS (Property Management System) and other customer relations systems. This creates a perfect balance between services and allows easy data exchanges.

Frequently ask questions

The installation process is done by us including system training.

We support at any time during the day, all our subscribers can create support tickets on their system.

Subscriptions are available only yearly and at any time in the year.

Yes, we can integrate the bookings section into your website by making it possible to avoid OTA, the cominsions that other platforms require.

FastPMS is available for all devices

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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