Channel Manager

All related sales channels, including your website, are always updated with the same availability and prices thanks to Channel Manager. It also deals with cancellations, changes and new reservations.

Save time

You won’t need any more extranete to update.

No Overbooking

You won’t have double bookings anymore as everything is synchronised.


More sales channels. Through this system you will be able to sell more.

Integrated with FastPMS Channel Manager provides you with more than you might think

Bookings from all sales channels come directly to PMS, with all the details. Booking modifications and cancellations are also managed automatically by the system itself. You can sync prices, conditions, closed days or different packages directly from FastPMS. Any changes will appear automatically.

What is Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a service that enables the display of hotel rooms, holiday apartments on the most important online booking sites. It maintains constant pricing and availability across the website and all associated sales channels. It also handles cancellations, changes and new bookings. A room appears available directly on all other online booking sites as soon as it becomes available on your system. Everything is easily managed and found in a single panel.

Why to integrate and use Channel Manager?

Are you aware of how much time you spend synchronizing all your sales channels while running your hotel? It takes more than an hour of work to simply update the calendar across multiple channels. These tasks can be performed by our manager within seconds. Please try all the advantages of this technology.