Management System

Our System Management platform makes it possible to manage inventory, prices, reservations, invoices and every other aspect of your hotel. With our Management System platform you can manage your hotel wherever you are.

Advantages of the Management System

Invoice generation

The system offers you the generation of invoices for your customers. You can also customize them with the hotel logo and its details.

Professional Reports

The system generates professional reports for finance, sales, commissions and everything else. Always stay informed about everything.

Integration with Channel Manager

The moment a reservation comes from Booking Engine, it immediately goes to your pms, without the need for you to perform any action.

Express Check In

Spend less time with the administrative part of Check in and Check Out. Fast and automated actions.

Visitor history

With System Management you have the possibility of creating a history of visitors. The more you know your customers, the better you will be able to serve them.


Through FastPMS you will have the opportunity to set different notifications for system users or comments for customers from the reception.

Did you know that?

FastPMS can be accessed wherever you are, at any time from any device. Manage your hotel in real time!

Calendar – Action Center

The calendar is the central part of the Management System. We’ve designed it to help you make the most of bookings, with tools like:

– Drag & Drop
– Group Reservations
– Quick Links
– Sharing Of Bookings

Automation that saves you time

FastPMS is highly committed to automating actions. We believe that the system should perform all actions that a person can perform.

– Automation of e-mails
– Dynamic pricing
– Automatic placement of rooms

Friendly Interface of Management System

The busiest part of the day in hotels is check in and check out at the reception. In order to speed up this process, the reception should have a quick and simple Management System. Also have a system which offers the possibility of printing invoices and booking details.

Easy to access

If you use a Cloud PMS based system, your interface will be accessible wherever and whenever you need it. The moment you receive a reservation by phone or email you will have the opportunity to immediately enter it into the system to avoid double reservations.